In Detroit, you have a classic car. Or two. Or ten. The car hobby is a way of life in a town where everybody is connected with the car industry and people are passionate about the products they make. White collar or blue collar, young or old, it simply doesn't matter. It's about the cars.

Friday nights are the highlight of the week in the summer. That is the night when the car community "cruises Woodward" from sunset until about 10:30pm. It's a rolling car show along Detroit's famous boulevard. You will see the land yachts of the 1960s and 1970s side by side with modern Lamborghinis and Model Ts .

We will be able to see the rolling car show on Woodward and they will be able to enjoy seeing our cars.

You'll be able to cruise Woodward yourself or just park and take it all in. It's a slice of Americana that is only found in the Motor City.

The way it is generally done is to head out exactly at dusk to cruise the strip and stop for ice cream at one of the many shops that dot the avenue. Bring a chair, park, relax, enjoy your ice cream, and see what the locals are doing with their cars. Maps will be provided with your check-in materials.

If there has been rain that afternoon, the scene will be
dead, so this event is "weather permitting."