This tour could be considered a mini-tour of Detroit;" the good, the bad, and the ugly." Our bus ride will take us to some of the most interesting auto-related historic sites in Detroit. We will depart in our bus and head to Woodlawn Cemetery, where will see both the breathtaking Egyptian Revival crypt of the Dodge family and the final resting place of Rosa Parks, mother of the Civil Rights movement.

From there we will go into Detroit's historic Palmer Woods neighborhood where we will tour the Dorothy Turkel House, one of Frank Lloyd Wright's seven Usonisan Automatic houses. It is the only two-story Usonian Automatic and it is spectacular in every way. We will tour the house which has been lovingly restored by the current owners to its original glory. The owners of the house provide a very special and insightful tour of the structure and its grounds.

We will head down Woodward Avenue, seeing the Ford Highland Park facility, once Ford's largest manufacturing facility and the home of most Model T and Model A production.

On our way to the Boston-Edison Historic District, will get a glimpse of some of the urban decay that has become associated with the word Detroit. In the Boston-Edison neighborhood, you will see the fabulous mansions built by the titans of Americas pre-war industrial economy.

After a lunch stop, we will ride a few minutes to The Motown Museum also known as Hitsville USA. The tour of Hitsville is amazing. Upon seeing the building, which was once the original home to Motown Records, one immediately thinks, "this is no big deal," but very quickly the magic of the Motown sound comes to life on the docent-guided tour. The Motown era was a special time in the history of pop music and this tour takes you right back to that era, in all its glory.

From there, we will ride through the downtown areas and see the amazing revitalization of the city. It will be an unrepeatable opportunity to see the all aspects of the city, from past to present.