We will take a luxury bus-ride on a 30-minute trip across town to Dearborn and visit The Henry Ford, also known as the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation and Greenfield Village, and more formally as the Edison Institute. It is a large indoor and outdoor history museum complex. The museum collection contains the presidential limousine of John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln's chair from Ford's Theatre, Thomas Edison's laboratory, the Wright Brothers' bicycle shop, the Rosa Parks bus, and many more important historical exhibits. It is the largest indoor-outdoor museum complex in the United States and is visited by 1.6 million people each year.

Named for its founder, the automobile industrialist Henry Ford, and based on his efforts to preserve items of historical interest and portray the Industrial Revolution, the property houses homes, machinery, exhibits, and Americana of historically significant items as well as common memorabilia, both of which help to capture the history of life in early America. It is one of the largest such collections in the nation.

Henry Ford said of his museum; "I am collecting the history of our people as written into things their hands made and used.... When we are through, we shall have reproduced American life as lived, and that, I think, is the best way of preserving at least a part of our history and tradition…"

Among other things, the museum features:

   • A Bugatti Royale
   • Important furniture
   • A 4K digital projection theater which shows scientific, natural, or historical documentaries, as well as major feature films.
   • An Oscar Meyer Wienermobile
   • The 1961 Lincoln Continental, SS-100-X that President John F. Kennedy was riding in when he was assassinated.
   • The rocking chair from Ford's Theatre in which President Abraham Lincoln was sitting when he was shot.
   • George Washington's camp bed.
   • A collection of several fine 17th- and 18th-century violins including a Stradivarius.
   • Thomas Edison's alleged last breath in a sealed tube.
   • Buckminster Fuller's prototype Dymaxion house.
   • The bus on which Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat, leading to the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
   • Igor Sikorsky's prototype helicopter.
   • Fokker Trimotor airplane that flew the first flight over the North Pole.
   • Bill Elliott's record-breaking race car clocking in at over 212 MPH at Talladega.
   • Fairbottom Bobs, the Newcomen engine
   • A steam engine from Cobb's Engine House in England.
   • A Chesapeake & Ohio Railway 2-6-6-6 "Allegheny"-class steam locomotive built by Lima Locomotive Works in Lima, Ohio. The Allegheny was the most powerful steam locomotive ever built.

From there, we will take a 15-minute bus ride from The Henry Ford to the Ford Rouge Factory Tour Visitor Center. We will be part of a self-guided factory tour Ford's Rouge Plant, the home of the iconic F-150, the best-selling vehicle in America. From walking through the truck plant while in operation to viewing the "Living Roof," and two theater experiences, you'll enjoy some eye-opening encounters with technology of today while learning about the Ford's world-changing past. If you have never seen the inside of a car factory, this is not to be missed.

Lunch is available "on your own" in one of the museums many restaurants.